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A continuously updated list, presenting you the best practices from List Building experts, that used these proven techniques and optin forms to grow their email lists to millions of subscribers.

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  1. List Building Technique 1: Mixergy Welcome Gate

    Use a Welcome Gate as your default Homepage

    Made popular by Andrew Warner of Mixergy this technique is now widely used and still effective. Your Homepage is one of the most visited pages of your Blog or Website. A welcome gate makes use of this traffic, showing all new visitors an optin form to access your content. Combined with social proof like quotes, popular logos, strong numbers or excellent copywriting it's a really effective way to convert your first-time visitors into subscribers.

    Examples: OkDork, Videofruit, ConversionXL

    Up to 61,5% Conversion Rate Source

  2. List Building Technique 2: Quicksprout Sidebar Optin

    Focus on a Free Giveaway in your Sidebar Optin

    Even if almost everybody is already using a Signup Box in their sidebar, its still effective if you do it right. It is one of the first place a visitor looks for a Signup Form. Make sure that it is the first thing in your sidebar and that it stands out from the rest of the design. Combine it with a valuable Optin Bribe and a clear Call to Action. To get a higher conversion rate you should try to show the signup form only after a click on a button and include some kind of social proof.

    Examples: QuickSprout, Michael Hyatt, Backlinko

    Up to 2,7% Conversion Rate Source

  3. List Building Technique 3: AppSumo Optin Popup

    Try a Popup to turn onetime visitors into Subscribers

    Most Optins need an active decision from your website visitor to click a link. With a Optin Popup that shows after a determined time you can proactive convert onetime visitors into subscribers. Although this is now widely used, you can still get great results depending on the industry and focusing on strong Copy. Notice that there will be always some visitors who really don't like this, but the results should always outweight them. At least you can give it a try and decide for yourself.

    Examples: Appsumo, Chris Guillebeau

    Up to 25% Conversion Rate Source

  4. List Building Technique 4: WPBeginner Exit Intent Popup

    Turn abandoning Visitors into Subscribers with an Exit Intent Popup

    Using a exit intent triggered popup you can get your visitors right before they leave your site. It is a strong tool if you combine it with a strong Bonus or Giveaway that provides extra value in exchange for their email address. WPBeginner was able to boost their signup over 600% to 445 - 470 subscribers per day with just this technique.

    Examples: QuickSprout, WPBeginner

    Up to 6% Conversion Rate Source

  5. List Building Technique 5: Groove Blog Feature Box

    Use a Feature Box to communicate your key benefits

    Fabulous Derek Halpern uses this technique for years to convert visitors to subscribers. In a matter of seconds new visitors get to know what your blog is all about and what they will get out of a signup for your Email List. As a Bonus it also qualifies your traffic into the right visitors from the beginning.

    Examples: Amy Porterfield, Groove, Socialtriggers

    Up to 10% Conversion Rate Source

  6. List Building Technique 6: James Clear author byline optin

    Convert the Author Byline into an Optin Machine

    The most read part of all your pages is the Headline and right below is a well overlooked place to build your email List, the author byline. James Clear used this technique among others to grow his Blog to over 70.000 Subscribers and as well Bryan Harris had great results with it.

    Examples: Brennan Dunn, James Clear, Videofruit

    Up to 0,6% Conversion Rate Source

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    How to grow your Email List

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    How to grow your Email List via @Jaschaio

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    How to grow your Email List -- via @Jaschaio

    Andrew Warner @AndrewWarner · Jan 23

    Stunningly well-designed page shows how to grow an email list"

  8. List Building Technique 7: Videofruit Post Specific Bonuses

    Create Post Specific Bonuses to skyrocket your Optin Rates

    This Technique is highly used and recommend by both Brian Dean and Bryan Harris and got them some amazing success. The trick is to create for your best performing blog posts a specific Bonus to download at the end of the post, like a Checklist or a Video Guide. It works well because its both relevant and adds tons of extra value to your readers.

    Examples: Videofruit, Backlinko

    Up to 21% Conversion Rate Source

  9. List Building Technique 8: Smart Passive Income Optin Form inside the Content

    Place an Optin Form inside your Content

    The best place to make this work out well is in your "Start here" or "About" Page. They should be both beside of your homepage one of the most clicked pages on your website. By asking repeatedly for an Signup for your Newsletter you can make a lot of use of this pages. But it works as well in normal Blog Posts, as most of your visitors won't read until the end of your posts. To get the most out of this technique you should track the average read of your content and place an Call to Action right there (Normally in the first third of your post).

    Examples: Socialtriggers, Smart Passive Income

  10. List Building Technique 9: Social Triggers Footer Signup Form

    Add a Sign up Form to your page Footer

    Once your readers have scrolled down to your footer they probabbly have already readed an article, got value and therefore trust you. This is on of the best moments to get them sign up for your Email List, since it is the next logical step. Its as well a common place to look for a Signup Form and therefore important that you don't skip it.

    Examples: HubSpot, Socialtriggers

  11. List Building Technique 10: Tim Ferris Comment Optin

    Let people subscribe after commenting

    The best moment to ask for a subscribe is when people are already engaged with your content. Once they have read your p and are commenting you can ask them to join your Email List with a simple Checkbox. Its both fast and convenient, as they already typed in their email to comment on your blog and therefore most likely are raving fans of your content.

    Examples: Tim Ferris

  12. List Building Technique 11: Backlinko Navigation Subscribe Link

    Place a Subscribe Link inside your Navigation

    Inside your Navigation you should link to a specific Landingpage where visitors can subscribe to your Email List. Having a specific page for people to sign up for your newsletter allows you to send visitors directly there. James Clear used this as one technique to build his list to over 70.000 Subscriber, linking from Guestposts directly to his Optin Page.

    Examples: James Clear, Socialtriggers

    Up to 10% Conversion Rate Source

  13. List Building Technique 12: ConversionXL Scroll Triggered Box

    Use a scroll triggered Optin Box

    A less disturbing and valuable alternative to a Popup could be a scroll triggered Subscribe Box. It scrolls up from the bottom corner once the visitor has scrolled down a specific percentage of your Website.

    Examples: Gary Vaynerchuk, Buffer, ConversionXL

    Up to 10% Conversion Rate Source

  14. List Building Technique 13: Boost Blog Traffic Sticky Widget

    Stop wasting space in your Sidebar using a sticky widget

    While visitors scroll down your page, the content of your sidebar gets out of the view wasting a lot of valuable space. Similiar to the Scroll Box you can use as well a Sticky Widget to leave your Optin Box always in the viewport of your visitors. As most of the people are already blind to the Sidebar this is a well working technique if you want to emphazize something special and improve your Conversion Rates significant.

    Examples: BoostBlogTraffic, Videofruit

    Up to 1,2% Conversion Rate Source

  15. List Building Technique 14: Josh Earl Sublime Text Giveaway

    Create a Contest to gain attention

    One of the most recent ways to earn a lot of email address is to create a Contest that is relevant to your Audience. Josh Earl used this to generate almost 200.000 new Subscribers in just a few days. Think of something unique to give away for your Readers and let them take part of the Contest by entering with their Email Address. Combined with build in viral sharing tools its one of the most effective ways to grow your list!

    Case Study: Smart Passive Income

  16. List Building Technique 15: Use a Notificationbar to emphasize special Content

    Use a Notificationbar to emphasize special Content

    A Notificationbar is perfect if you want to get the attention of your Website Visitors, without being too intrusive. It always stays on the top of the page and works best if you can give something tangible in return for signing up for your newsletter.

    Examples: Ryan Holiday

    Up to 1,2% Conversion Rate Source

  17. List Building Technique 16:

    Use Qualaroo to collect emails

    Qualaroo is usually used to take surveys among your visitors and collect valuable feedback to improve your overall website. But a few sites use it as well to grow their email lists, also its usually not intended for that purpose. It can work well, because you get the visitor actively to decide if he wants to get updates or not in a non-intrusive way.

    Examples: Quicksprout

  18. List Building Technique 17: Optimize your Confirmation Page

    Optimize your Confirmation Page

    You can have as many signup forms on your website as you want. If your subscribers don't confirm their email it won't help. Therefore a great way to get more subscriber is simply optimizing your optin confirmation page. Ramit Sethi is a perfect example for this. He combines time presure, social proof and a link that takes you directly to the confirmation mail into a really high converting page. To see this in action you can signup for updates here as well

    Examples: Ramit Sethi

  19. List Building Technique 18: Use social proof at your Email Optin

    Use social proof at your Email Optin

    Most of the big blogs out there already know the big effect this techniques has on the conversion rates of their email signup forms. "Join my weekly diggest with over 50.000 subscriber" for example is a really strong claim that works well. But even if you don't have that much follower you can use social proof: Brian Dean simply suggests that you show one or two tweets of your followers that liked your content or a Quote from a well known Expert.

    Examples: Backlinko, Habitualmente

  20. List Building Technique 19: Pitch your Newsletter regularly to your Social Media accounts

    Pitch your Newsletter regularly to your Social Media accounts

    Different people prefer different mediums. Therefore you shouldn't assume that all your Facebook Fans or Twitter Follower are as well already on your email list. But since they are already following you on other canals they are most likely to join your list as well. In Twitter you can even use one-click signups, so they don't even have to type in their email address.

    Examples: Ryan Battles, Brian Dean

  21. List Building Technique 20: Get rid of things that don't work

    Get rid of things that don't work

    The worst thing you can do to your readers is using every single one of these techniques. You should try all of them and look which one works best. Get rid of distractions. Your focus should be only on email signups, so try to reduce your sidebar and footer as much as possible to get the visitors focused on your signup forms.

    Examples: OkDork, James Clear

  22. List Building Technique 21: Ask your readers what they would like to learn

    Ask your readers what they would like to learn

    Nathan Barry often speaks about it how teaching, storytelling and transparency can build you a loyal audience and profitable business. He is actually using that in a great way to capture email addresses for his Blog. By asking your readers what they want to learn and providing them with an actual ressource to do that, you can add real value. This techniques is great combined with the Featurebox or Welcome Gate but can also be used simply on your Homepage.

    Examples: Nathan Barry

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