"What sold the Growtheme for me was the focus on Blog Growth and the no-hassle integration of proven Listbuilding Strategies"

Cody Lister — 35.000 subscribers
Cody Lister

You Are Losing 97% Of
Your Visitors Forever.

Turning your one-time visitors into email subscribers is crucial to building
a successful Blog.

Let me tell you why.

Even if you have thousands of Facebook fans, to reach more than a couple of them you have to pay for advertising. Only in the past 12 months, Facebooks Organic Reach has diminished over 50%.1

Twitter is even worse. Its Click-through rates have been crippling at less than 1% ever since. And if you are just starting out, you can't rely on Google to drive continuously search traffic back to your blog.

Only email marketing was 2016 still cited as the most effective marketing channel.2

Because only with an email list, you have direct access to your customers. You don't need a middleman like Facebook or Google to get your message heard.

Only an email list makes sure that you can continuously drive traffic back to your articles.3

Building Your Email List Must Be Your Number One Priority

You already know that turning your visitors into subscribers can make the difference between a thriving blog business or staying in obscurity forever.

A high quality, responsive and targeted email list can accelerate your growth 100x and support your business for years to come. It is absolutely crucial to the success (or failure) of your Blog.

I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list. Ninety percent of my income comes from it. Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset. Michael Hyatt — 500,000+ subscribersMichael Hyatt

Just imagine for a moment what an email list of tens of thousands of raving fans could mean to you.

You could just focus on creating even more, amazing posts providing tremendous value and growing your audience.

And maybe even more important — finally launch the product your fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Generating thousands of dollars in revenue with a simple click on the "Send Email" Button.

If You're Not Building Your Email List, You're Making A HUGE Mistake.

In early 2015 I started a brand new blog with my spouse in the competitive Nutrition niche. We had no experience, no followers and no idea how to make it successful.

Although just a few years later we have grown from zero to over 80.000 email subscribers. 400.000 monthly visitors. And a steady growth rate of over 30% every single month.

This Growth would have never been possible without focusing on our Email List 4

We did that without any of the "traditional" Online Marketing Advice. Zero expenses in Advertising. No Search Engine Optimization. And just one published post per week.

But we focused since day one on using the right strategies at the right time to grow our subscriber base.

Until Now There Was No Straight Forward Way For You To Do The Same

The biggest and most successful blogs like Quicksprout, Videofruit, Socialtriggers or Buffer use custom made themes that have cost them thousands of dollars to develop.5

They use Custom Wordpress Themes that incorporate all proven list building strategies out there. In an easy, straightforward and visually appealing way.

Until now you had to:

And all of this only to end up with a complete messed up blog design and brand identity.

There simply was no one-stop solution you could install and use right away to start growing your audience. Without worrying at all about the technical side.

But this has changed…

With the Growtheme I am giving away the tested WordPress theme I've used myself to build a thriving Blog Business from scratch.

Get access to all the proven Listbuilding Techniques the most successful Blogs use within
a single WP theme

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  1. Marketingland: Facebook organic reach is down by 52% this year

  2. See: GetResponse State of Emailmarketing 2016 Survey

  3. Source: Mailmunch Email Marketing vs. Social Media Performance in 2016

  4. Check these numbers out for yourself on SimilarWeb

  5. Derek Halpern: Why I spent $25,100 on a new Blog Design

  6. Freedman, J., & Fraser, S. (1966). Compliance without pressure: The foot-in-the-door technique. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 4, 195-202. Here is a video summary: Secret persuasion mind trick

You can enable or disable all of these listbuilding techniques
with just one single click

Featurebox Featurebox
Notificationbar Notificationbar
Content Optin Content Optins
Blog Index Optin Blog Index Optin
Optin Popups Optin Popups
Comments Optin Comments Optin
Author Byline
After Post Optin After Post Optin
Sticky Widget Sticky Widget
Content Upgrades Content Upgrades

Featurebox Create easily a unique and high converting featurebox

Use the featurebox to convert your front page traffic effortless into subscribers. Communicate your key benefits, use a bold head- and subheadline or show yourself. This is still widely used by big blogs because it's one of the most effective ways to build your email list.

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Notificationbar Capture your visitors attention
with the build-in Notificationbar

Convert more visitors into customers by sending traffic to a specific landingpage, making special announcements or using it as a general or specific optin form.

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Content Optin Forms Place unlimited optin forms anywhere within your posts or pages

Create high converting, beautiful and optional animated optin forms that drive attention anywhere on your blog. Incorporate them at the average read of your blog posts or use them inside your about page to create with ease a high converting landingpage. We don't impose any artificial limitations on the number of optin forms you can create.

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Blog Post Index Optin Use the most precious real
estate more effectively

Readers love to scroll through your latest articles. Make use of this habit like Neil Patel with over 100,000 subscribers does.Simply by giving away something unique within an optin form placed between your latest Posts on your Blog Homepage.

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Two Step Optin Popups Turn any Optin Form into a conversion optimized Popup with just one-click

Human psychology experiments have shown that we are more likely to perform a larger action, if we have performed a smaller action before.6 Something small like showing the optin form after the reader requests it with the simple click of a button can improve your conversion rates significantly.

Comments Optin Convert your most engaged readers into loyal fans

Subscribing to your Blog should be as easy as possible. Imagine a reader that loves your article and takes the time to write a thoughtful comment. To save his comment, he has to enter his email anyway, that's why this is the perfect opportunity to ask him to keep engaging with you by simply selecting a little checkbox.

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Author Byline Use a side wide call to action within your author byline

Your headline is the most read element on your page. That's why right below it, is one of the best & most underrated places for a Call to Action. Send readers to a popup optin form, to your Twitter Profile or anywhere else you like.

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After Post Optin Give visitors the next step after reading your posts

When someone finishes reading your post he is looking for the logical action to take next. If he finished your post, he probably would love to hear more about you. Use this opportunity to show him an email optin that keeps him engaged with your content.

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Sticky Widget Keep your Leadmagnet in the readers viewport with a sticky sidebar widget

The Growtheme gives you the option to select between a single or two column layout. If you decide to use a sidebar, then you should make the best use out of it. The sticky widget makes sure that you don't waste any precious space and stay always top on the mind of your reader.

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Content Upgrades Adding High Converting Content Upgrades to your posts has never been easier

Previously adding a Content Upgrade to your posts has been painfully hard. With the Growtheme you can add them fast and easy within just three steps.

  See how this works

  1. 1

    Step 1:

    Simply enable the Content Upgrade within the Wordpress Post Edit Screen and fill in your Details

  2. 2

    Step 2:

    With the click of a Button in your Post Edit Toolbar, you can add a simple shortcode to the beginning of your post that points out your content upgrade and triggers the optin form.

  3. 3

    Step 3:

    If you have uploaded a preview image the Growtheme will automatically add a Call To Action Image to the end of your Post.

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"If you want to quickly turn your site into a lead gen powerhouse,
go get a copy and use it."

Bryan Harris — 50.000 subscribers
Bryan Harris

Enjoy Hassle-free setup, simplified options
& instant live preview of changes.

Set up in less than 2 minutes

We take you by the hand from the first second. No need for confusing FTP access or hard to understand settings configurations

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Everything you need in one place

The Growtheme comes with a beautiful settings panel that shows you only the necessary and right options at the right time

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Preview your design changes instantly

No need to go back and forth between different browser windows and guessing which option is responsible for which part of your blog design

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2-minute Setup

You don't have to worry about starting to use the theme. Wheather you are setting up a brand new blog or just switching themes, we take you by the hand.

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Hassle-free settings

We won't overload you with a ton of bells and whistles that you don't even need. The beautiful growtheme settings panel shows you only the relevant options at the right time.

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Real-time Live Preview

Change your design easily, without knowing how to code. The Growtheme gives you the ability to try everything out by previewing design changes instantly. You can even check how it looks on mobile and tablet devices.

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"I love Growtheme! It’s powerful, very easy to set-up and it just works! But the best part? Growtheme takes customer support to a whole new level."

Cathryn Lavery — 10.000 subscribers
Cathryn Lavery

A clean design that adapts to the screen size of your visitors device

Most WordPress themes still try to sell you that what's special about them is that they are responsive. But we are living in 2017. It's about time that we call "responsive web design" just "web design". Up to 50% of your overall traffic will come from mobile devices. So there should be other reasons you decide for a WordPress theme. We went the extra mile and put a great amount of effort to make sure that the Growtheme is not only responsive, but as well conversion optimized for mobile and tablet users.

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Conversion optimized, beautiful designed & build‑in Landingpages

Let us be honest. You have a love-hate relationship with your landingpage builder. There is definitely a place for them, but repeatedly having to configure the same things over and over again is a huge pain. No matter if we are talking about analytics scripts, your logo, custom fonts or colors.

The Growtheme applies your unique blog design to all the build in landingpages, so you always have the same consistent brand.

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